You Tube Videos

The following clips were taken at a reading I did with Larry Thomas at TAMU-CC.  Aaron Berecka did the camera work and editing.  For friends of Larry, if you listen close enough you can hear his rich baritone chuckle now and then.  My college roommate Pete Merkl was in the crowd.  Pete is the guy who picked the phrase we shouted at the pope in St. Peter’s Square.  It’s him that I’m pointed at when I say something about a comic genius. Pete is one of the naturally funny humans that I have ever met.


God’s Radio

St Peter’s Square

It’s the Giving that Counts


This video was taken at my daughter’s, Rachael Schaefer, wedding.  She had asked me to write a poem for the occasion.  She didn’t like the first one, so this poem was a second try at my homework.  Rachael and BJ then asked me to read it during the ceremony.  It was the hardest reading I ever did.  I thought I was going to lose it at the point where the poem turns.  The video was taken by my son on an old camera or perhaps a cell phone from our pew, so it’s not the greatest quality, but it is a good memory, and I wanted to share it.  Hope you enjoy.

The Sacrament of Marriage